Nature is the original paint box.


All the colors we use can be found in the natural world and all paint pigments and inks were initially made from natural materials such as plants and the earth. How do you make color from nature? Red with Hibiscus flower, Yellow with turmeric, Orange from onion (yes, onion), Brown from Coffee. Nature has no limit! Children will see nature and its colors in a whole new way!

Nature also provides the light that informs how we see the world. Children will explore how light changes an artistic subject matter. How a mountain looks at sunrise, midday, the golden hour, twilight and at night…simply majestic in all phases! Light is a source of artistic inspiration through out time.

We will go on nature walks in the Wasatch Front to observe the natural world closely, bring treasures back to the studio to create found nature art inspired by mother earth!

“Art takes nature as its model.” – Aristotle

Tuition: The week of July 6th is $230 or pick a la carte days at $55/day (+3% credit card processing fee)


This amount includes a 3% credit card processing fee of $6.90. If you would like to avoid this fee please send or drop off a check to Art First Arte Primero 1549 S. 1100 E. SLC UT 84105. Thank you!

Week 6 – Nature Explorer: I am a star! – July 6-10