Children naturally love Picasso; his paintings are whimsical and have a natural child like allure.

At the tender young age of 9, Picasso completed his first painting: “El picador”, a man riding a horse in a bullfight. Picasso believed, “Every child is born an artist.” In Arte Primero we do too!

This week of camp will be dedicated towards learning and creating everything PICASSO! and guiding kids to see their world through the eyes of a phenomenal artist like Pablo Picasso!

Children will learn about his Blue Period, Rose Period, Cubism, Picasso’s abstract faces and more. Picasso wrote over 300 poems; we will create mixed media with kids writing their own poetry!

“Every child is born an artist.” Picasso

Tuition: The week of June 29th is $230 or pick a la carte days at $55/day (+3% credit card processing fee)


This amount includes a 3% credit card processing fee of $6.90. If you would like to avoid this fee please send or drop off a check to Art First Arte Primero 1549 S. 1100 E. SLC UT 84105. Thank you!

Week 5 – Whimsical World of Pablo Picasso! – June 29 - July 3