Our Director 

My name is Marla Love and my connection with children started before I had my 2 daughters. The past 20 years of my career has been in service for children in non-profit organizations, the last position I held as Executive Director at the Muscular Dystrophy Association in San Francisco, California. My commitment and love for children and the programs I have served throughout my life has made Arte Primero what it is today. I took the best of each program to create an experience that will help children gain greater self-esteem, appreciate language and culture, life skills and learn how to see life and our surroundings as an artist!

In the transition of my professional life to becoming a mother I lived in Mykonos, Greece. I left my family and friends in the United States to explore a new phase of my life…creating my family. I was a full time artist drawing on the white sand beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. I woke up every morning and ran in hora (town) while the shop keepers washed their pavements, set the tables and got ready to receive the tourist from all over the world. I would end my run with meditation over my favorite rock receiving the energy and love of the universe. It was an amazing time in my life. Even more amazing is being a mother. 

Life is different when you have your own children. I feel I began to live a different purpose. To live in a blissful world of being called, “mom!” I am a mother of 2 beautiful daughters; they are my inspiration for creating Arte Primero. I feel a great need and desire to create a great community for my daughters and the children I serve through Arte Primero! Thank you for allowing your children to be part of this wonderful community. 

My grandfather Jose Mujica was an artist and taught me many art concepts at a young age. He started with an apple for color understanding, holding an apple in front of me, he asked me, “Que color es la manzana?” “ What color is the apple?” I said red. My grandfather showed me an apple is yellow, blue, and shades of pink and red. To look at everything with an artistic eye. Now I teach my art students the same.

Art First Arte Primero is a fusion of my life as an artist with my Mexican cultural heritage and language merged with my passion for children as a mom and educator. It is a perfect combination where language, culture and artistic traditions are celebrated!

It is with great love that I offer to you and your children Art First Arte Primero. Our team of gifted artists and team mates are here to serve. I invite you to explore the webpage and find your place in the After School Program, Summer Camp and other programming. 

Thank you for your interest in Art First Arte Primero and making art a pillar in the life of your child and our community!