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I have traveled the world sketching, painting, drawing historical buildings, landscapes and people. I see the world through art and I teach my students to do the same. Students will start to value shade, contrast, subject, placement while walking the street. Life is a canvas and we are here to provide an art studio to create with ArtFirst ArtePrimero!  www.arteprimero.com

Director / Art Teacher


Stephani is a life long artist and is always finding new ways to express her creativity. She spent 8 years in France learning French culture and art. With a love of learning and a love sharing all she knows, she is dedicated to support natural creativity. She works in various mediums including sketching, inking, acrylics and watercolor. Her  work is on display at Dancing Cranes Imports. www.ZentyleInc.com

Art teacher


I am a self-taught potter who specializes in techniques which embrace the traditional shino-ware from Japan. This classic Japanese stoneware process was developed during the artistic renaissance of the Momoyama period (1573-1615). I currently sell my work at various venues during the summer and fall months, I also conduct home-studio workshops for small groups and families where I teach slab-building techniques and beginning wheel-work.

Pottery Teacher


I was raised in a small town called Fredonia, AZ. There I got the chance to grow up around some of the most amazing country in the world including the Grand Canyon, Zions National Park, Bryce Canyon, and many other sights that photographers travel from all over the world to see. This is where I started to get interested in art. Through school I worked on my artistic talents and in high school I was asked to assist the art teacher in making examples for the other students. I also had my first art show in high school and that was the first time I sold art and began to make a name for myself. More recently I was accepted into the Academy of Art University. 



Since 2002 Roger Whiting has been organizing and carrying out large-scale community mural and mosaic mural projects with an emphasis on serving low-income and underprivileged populations. Whiting has led professional development workshops with the Society of American Mosaic Artists, Utah Art Education Association and the Salt Lake City Arts Council. Whiting has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design. His art can be viewed at http://www.rogerwhiting.com

Art Teacher

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