Meet the team!


Yadira Burgoyne,

Teacher Hello Kids, Hola Niños! 


Hola! My name is Yadira Burgoyne, I am a stay at home mom to two wonderful toddler girls. We live in Salt Lake. I was born in Mexico. I started my education at Utah State University, where I met my husband. I continued my Elementary Education K-8 degree from Western Governors University, and my Masters in Secondary Language Education from Western Governors University.  I taught first grade during my student teaching and taught dual language immersion third grade Spanish for 3 years at Mary Jackson Elementary. I miss being in the classroom. I teach English students in Asia. I am excited to be part of the Arte Primero community and cannot wait to meet your children!

ACADEMIC GOALS: Yadira leads our "Hola Niños," Hello Kids program for toddlers, helping prepare our little ones for kindergarten. Children will have fun learning and being creative!


Suyin Chong, Office Manager & Summer Camp Spanish Instructor


My name is Suyin Chong, I am from Northern Mexico. I have lived in Salt Lake for 18 years and it was love at first sight! We love our community and I am honored to serve our children in our community.  I love being a mom to my 4 of children. I love spending time with Art First children, listening to their amazing ideas, teaching Spanish and seeing their creative minds grow!

SPANISH GOALS: Our goal is for children to learn new words, new phrases in Spanish and practice speaking Spanish. Children will learn Spanish in a fun environment, playing in Spanish, Singing in Spanish & Art in Spanish! All levels welcome from beginner to advanced!


Marla Love: Founder/Director of Art First Arte Primero


Marla Love is the founder and director of the children's art studio Art First Arte Primero, located in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Marla's artistic goals are centered around teaching children, to expand their creativity and knowledge of art from around the globe. The Arte Primero model explores artists, art themes and techniques, using a variety of mediums including pastels, watercolors, oil and more. Infused in each art lesson, is discussion of the artist's unique culture and background so students get a fuller picture of the historical context and significance of each artist. Art First offers virtual art instruction and in person for After School programming, Summer Camp and toddler program. 


Marla's family is from Morelia Michoacan, Mexico. Both Marla and her mother Rocio Mejía honor the traditions of Mexico by hosting community celebrations for Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead.


Marla Love shares her love for art with her two daughters Naeemah and Jaseena who serve as her inspiration every day. She is passionate about art creativity and techniques, and is honored to work with children to expand their cultural understanding through art.

Israel Contreras, Artist 

Hola! I am Israel Contreras. I am a first generation latino graduate of Southern Utah University with a Undergraduate degree in Illustration and a minor in Graphic design. I am still continuing my education as a student at the University of Utah pursuing a double major in Art education and Graphic design. Art has always been a huge part of my life and it has allowed me to express myself in a way that makes me feel comfortable and free. I want to be able to create an environment that will inspire kids to use their imagination and increase their love for