Digital Art First Summer Camp!

¡Hola! Welcome to Digital Arte Primero! 

Art First is a fine art studio for children. Located in the Sugarhouse community for over 9 years. Arte Primero teaches fine art & Spanish. Creating a world filled with cultural understanding through art and language and empowering children by nurturing their creativity, confidence, problem-solving skills, and non-verbal communication skills through their expression in


Due to COVID-19 we are offering Digital Art First. Your continued registration for

Art First programming, supports our small business. Continue to register for Digital Art First, Summer Camp & Day Camp! Together we will get through this! 


  • Art First In-person Day Camp. Information Here. 



ART: Water Color, Polymer Clay, Pastels, Chalk & more!

Mixed Media, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture & More!

Art Kits include all needed materials for art lessons. 

SPANISH: Spanish Vocabulary, phrases, conversation,

Songs in Spanish & play in Spanish! All levels welcome!


  1. Pay Fees: registration & Art kit or art renewal

  2. Register & Pay for 2, 3, 4, 5 Days per week

  3. Register here by paying for days,

  4. Our office manager will follow up with you to confirm registration.

"Arte Primero has created wonderful after-school & summer camp program that our children continue to enjoy year after year. They especially love the art lessons and have been introduced to so many amazing artist & techniques. After the pandemic began the Arte Primero team easily transitioned to digital classes.

The Spanish language, Art & Science lessons are engaging and have been helpful preventing the summer brain drain. We also love that our kids have an opportunity to interact with their friends.

We look forward to spending time with Arte Primero every day!"

Emily & Ryan Pilstl-Arte Primero parents


Winter focus of Artists & Art Movements include:


  • EXPRESSIONISM, Wassily Kandinsky, Helen Frankenthaler, Paul Klee

  • SURREALISM, Ernesto Arrisueno, Marc Chagall

  • CUBISM, Pablo Picasso

  • And so much more! Each week we cover an art movement & artist!


Digital Back to School Schedule

Winter Break Schedule:

December 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30

10:00-10:40 am/MST,  Spanish 

10:50-11:30 am/MST, Art



  • Art class: 3:50-4:30 pm, M-F, 

    Zoom Link  Meeting ID: 898 5957 2578 (same link)


  • Beginning Spanish, 3:00-3:40, M-F, 

       Zoom Link  Meeting ID: 898 5957 2578 (same link)


Back to School starts September 8, 2020. 

Summer Camp Session ends September 4, 2020. 

WHO: Children will find daily artistic inspiration with our amazing

Arte Primero team! 

SKILL LEVEL: All skills welcome in Spanish & Art.

PLATFORM: We will meet via Zoom. Meeting ID & password will be sent to you once you register. Download Zoom App for free and login to our meeting 5 minutes before session starts. You will be prompted to waiting room.

ART SESSION: Children will learn about fine artists, art movements, art vocabulary and create beautiful art pieces in the process! All through a fun and engaging digital environment! 


Include: Watercolors, watercolor paper, watercolor paint brushes

Oil pastels, card stock paper

Colored pencils, sharpener, eraser

Pencils, blending sticks, drawing paper

Chalk pastels, chalk paper

Polymer clay, polymer tools


All supplies for art projects will be provided. As the year progresses, we will update kits daily with new materials based on art classes. Your child(ren) will receive all needed materials for both in-person studio sessions and digital sessions. Rest assured that you are providing your child with an amazing range or art materials that they will learn how to use. An excellent life skill!

Art kits are $99 plus tax, include the above mentioned. More material will be provided as needed. All art supplies will be included in the fee for individual programs. A $50.00 renewal art fee will be charged with each additional program: summer camp vs. after school.




Digital Summer Camp Schedule:

Spanish 9:00 – 9:45am

Spanish Meeting ID: 898 5957 2578


Art 10:00 – 10:45am

Zoom Link Art Meeting ID: 821 0841 5596


Academic 12:00 – 12:45pm 

Zoom Link Academic Meeting ID: 890 2692 2315


Digital Art First Summer Camp is enriching & engaging for our children! Each week of digital summer camp will bring dynamic lessons on Van Gogh, space, planets & astronauts, Frida Kahlo, Leonardo Di Vinci, Picasso and more! Each week has a quality vibrant theme!




Summer Digital Schedule:

9:00 – 9:45am        Spanish                      

10:00 – 10:45am    Art                               

11:00 – 12:00pm    Lunch break                        

12:00 – 12:45pm    Academic                   


Meet the Art First team

CREDIT CARD OR CHECK: You may pay via credit card (3% fee), our office manager will send you an online link for credit card payments. Checks, may be dropped off at the studio or mail in.

Art First 1549 South 1100 East #A Salt Lake City Utah 84105

Registration fee & tuition are non-refundable. 




Per month:

2 days per week, $118    

3 days per week, $176

4 days per week, $230

5 days per week, $300


ACADEMIC GOALS: During this time students will have various subjects from reading, reading comprehension, writing, story book writing & creation, math & math games, increased vocabulary. Children will have fun learning and being creative in their academia!


ARTISTIC GOALS: Children will learn about artists, art movements, international art. Children will learn various techniques using all their materials in their art kits. Children will use their imagination and natural spirit to create what is in their hearts.  Children will find and continue to explore their creative eyes. To see their world through eyes of an artist. In art projects we will explore various techniques and what could be done with their art materials. Having fine art supplies at home will open worlds of creativity for your children and home!


SPANISH GOALS: Our goal is for children to learn new words, new phrases in Spanish and practice speaking Spanish. Children will learn Spanish in a fun environment, playing in Spanish, Singing in Spanish & Art in Spanish! All levels welcome from beginner to advanced





Who: A fun family activity in your back yard! Zero Contact


Materials: All painting materials will be provided. You will need to provide a bed sheet or large piece of fabric. 


On Demand: Art tutorial on demand. You will receive step by step instruction on how to paint.  


Zoom: Via Zoom platform, live guidance will also be available with your painting. To be scheduled with artist and each family.


Social Media: We ask families to record and post on social media. We believe art can heal! Share your experience. #artfirst #arteprimero #arteprimerowecandoit

This art piece will be a great backdrop for upcoming summer family BBQ’s!


Who: Painting session for children and/or parents & family. 


Materials: All materials will be provided.

  • Wall: You may choose a wall from your exterior home, garage, fence.

  • Canvas: You may choose a canvas instead of a wall.

On Demand: Art tutorial on demand. You will receive step by step instruction on how to paint your mural.


Artist Availability:

  • Via Zoom, Artist will brainstorm on the theme of your mural/canvas painting. Artist and child will work together in drawing your family mural.

  • Zero contact, our artist can draw the outline of your family mural to help you get started if needed.

  • Our team at Art First can help you set up the art project with zero contact. This assistance is optional. Artist would tape area for the mural and start the drawing based on the drawings and conversation


Zoom: Via Zoom platform, live guidance will also be available with your painting. To be scheduled with artist and each family.


Social Media (optional): We ask families to record and post on social media. We believe art can heal! Share your experience. #artfirst #arteprimero #arteprimerowecandoit

Art First Summer Camp 

Starts June 1, 2020

Extended until September, 4 2020. 

Summer Camp Registration 2021, Starts January 2021

1549 South 1100 East 

Salt Lake City, UT 84105

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