Children will find daily inspiration online with our amazing Arte Primero team! Children will continue to learn about awesome artists, art movements, art vocabulary and create beautiful art pieces in the process! All through a fun and engaging digital environment! Together we can do this!

Art & Spanish Classes will be “live” and later available to you and your child to review at your convenience.

Our general schedule will be 2:00pm - 4:00pm Monday - Friday. The time-slot will depend on which class your child is in. 

Download/View Full Schedule Here

The schedule has Spanish and Art sessions, here are the links to join the online live classrooms at their scheduled times:

(Note: You should have received a zoom meeting password to join. If not please contact us to get it)

Spanish - Upper Grader - Zoom Meeting: Zoom_Link 3:40-4:20, Monday-Friday

Spanish - Lower Grader - Zoom Meeting: Zoom_Link 2:00-2:40, Monday-Friday


IP Spanish Upper Grader- 4:30-5:10 Zoom_Link

IP Spanish Lower Grader- 2:50-3:30 Zoom_Link

Art - Upper Grader - Zoom Meeting: Zoom_Link 2:00-2:40, Monday-Friday

Art - Lower Grader - Zoom Meeting: Zoom_Link 3:20-4:00, Monday-Friday

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