Covid-19 Message to parents

Dear parents,


Life with our children during times of COVID-19 has been challenging to say the least. I feel and hear you as a mom of two daughters and in quarantine for weeks. To follow is our plan for Art First for Summer Camp. We are opening our studio June 1, 2020 with strict guidelines to address COVID-19.


Your Summer Camp registration helps Art First stay open. You are supporting a local small business and local families, Thank you.




Art First director, Marla Love is following local medical recommendations, CDC recommendations, government direction and communicating with the Utah Health Department. Art First will do what is best for the well-being and health of our children, families and team. We always want to do what is best for our community.


Please REGISTER as soon as possible as space is limited. Tuition payment is being accepted online, or if you would like to pay with check, you can drop it off at studio through the 24-hour mail slot. Please write your child’s name on the check.


We suggest this year for your child NOT to attend multiple camps. Due to COVID-19, this is not the year to expose children to multiple groups. We ask that you try to stay with Art First most of the summer.


As May unfolds, we will have specific updates and guidelines for the studio, including sanitation and hygiene, group size, and health requirements. Please be assured that the Art First team and I have the upmost focus on keeping our children safe.


Parents are asked to follow CDC guidelines, available here


Changes at the studio during COVID-19:

  • Children must stay home if anyone in their household is sick. More information.

  • The team will be trained on COVID-19 symptoms and be vigilant with our children and their hygiene & sanitation.

  • Children will learn about personal hygiene and social distancing in summer camp setting. 

  • Strict hygiene will be practiced: hand washing, sanitizing hands, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Keeping hands to self. Keeping all personal items to self. Keeping unused items in their cubby. 

  • Face masks will be required. Please speak with your children about this new normal. Have children practice at home in May so it is not so foreign in June. This will help our team.

  • Routinely clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched.

  • Only Art First team and children in studio. No other adults/people in studio.

  • Daily temperature of children will be taken with parent consent.

  • No communal supplies. Each child will be required to keep their items separate.

  • Small groups only, large groups will be prohibited.

  • Parent & emergency contact numbers updated and confirmed.

  • Field Trips: Places of mass gatherings will be avoided. Open spaces in nature will be visited.

  • If you are exposed to COVID-19, the CDC asks that you quarantine for 14 days. No symptoms. 

  • If you travel to large group areas, Nationally or Internationally, the CDC asks that you quarantine for 14 days.


Art First Summer Camp registration is now open. You can register here. Space is limited as we are following CDC health and safety guidelines. Visit our website to view weekly themes and to register.


Group Size: We anticipate groups will be between 10-13 kids per group. We are watching the state’s public health and the CDC guidelines closely and may adjust group size as appropriate.


Field Trips:  Like previous years, field trips will be a big part of our summer programming! Due to COVID-19, we’ll be outdoors more, steering clear of enclosed public spaces like museum. We are exploring private tour options and other larger venues where we can keep our distance from other visitors. We are surrounded by the beauty of Utah and will take advantage of more nature exploration. Including but not limited to Millcreek Canyon, Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons, and Bridal Veil Falls.


Art Supplies: For COVID-19 safety reason, each child will have their own art kit for the one-time fee of $99. The kit will remain at the studio for the summer, everything will be labeled with your child’s name, and the Art First team will sanitize your child’s art supplies daily. At the end of summer camp, you will take the art supplies home. You will have a great assortment of art supplies to take home at the end of the season. 


Children will continue to have a fun and enjoy a beautiful summer! We have fun art projects and activities that take into consideration our current situation and concerns. 


As always, I am a text/call away. 


Together we can do this!


Marla Love – Director Art First

415.272.9453 (call or text any time)