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We are proud to present ARTFIRST ARTEPRIMERO, a fine art studio for children. Where imagination is inspired and set on stage through Spanish! Our main goals are to create a world filled with cultural understanding through art and language and to empower children by nurturing their creativity, confidence, problem-solving skills, and non-verbal communication skills through their expression in VISUAL ARTS, THEATER, MUSIC and DANCE!



SUGARHOUSE STUDIO                            LIBERTY WELL 

1549 SOUTH 1100 EAST                            1740 SOUTH 500 EAST

2021-2022 Program begins August 24, 2021 - June 3, 2022

Pick up available at the following Elementary Schools:



Uintah (Starting September 20, 2021)



Subject to change based on updated schedule from SLCSD & Covid updates for the fall.


Hours: M-Th 2:35-5:30pm, Friday & 1/2 days 12:30-5:30pm,

Non-student days 8:00-5:30pm



(Hours: M-Th 2:45-5:30pm, Friday & 1/2 days 12:35-5:30pm,

Non-student days 8:00-5:30pm)


(Hours: M-Th 2:30-5:30pm, Friday & 1/2 days 12:45-5:30pm,

Non-student days 8:00-5:30pm)


  • Pick up from Emerson Elementary, Hawthorne or Uintah Elementary

  • Homework help: We encourage children to finish homework at the studio. Please let us know of any unfished work that is coming home. 

  • Snack & free drawing time 

  • Literature Appreciation: individual reading & group reading.

  • Hablando en Español, Speaking in Spanish

  • Art lesson

  • Art First follows the Salt Lake School District Calendar



  • Fine Art: Painting, Sculpture/Clay, Drawing, Pastel, Chalk, Mixed Media & more!

  • Free Drawing

  • Literacy Appreciation. Children are encouraged to read 20 minutes per day. 

  • Yoga, Stretching & Meditation

  • Hiking the Wasatch Front

  • Community Mural

  • Art Garden

Art First Arte Primero has splendid art experiences that will highlight the

Great Masters:

  • Fernando Botero

  • Frida Kahlo

  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir

  • Yayoi Kusama 草間 彌生

  • Vincent Willem Van Gogh

  • Alma Thomas

  • Hayao Miyazaki

  • Takashi Murakami

  • Amy Sherlad

  • Paul Klee

  • Gustav Klimt

  • Oscar-Claude Monet and so much more!


Art Movements:

  • Impressionism

  • Pop Art

  • Magical Realism

  • Expressionism

  • Cubism

  • Pointillism

  • Art Nouveau

  • Post Painterly


Art Mediums: 

  • Watercolor

  • Canvas Painting with Acrylic

  • Community Mural Painting

  • Oil Pastels

  • Chalk

  • Pencil, graphite and ebony

  • Pen & Ink

  • Colored Pencils

  • Sculpture: Polymer, Clay, Ceramics

  • Found objects

  • Assemblage

  • Installation art

  • Earth Art

  • Recyled Art

  • Jewelry

  • Mosaics

  • Paper Art

  • Mixed media

  • Collage

  • Gold Leafing



  • Do to COVID we are assessing the safety of indoor venues. 

  • Galleries

  • Museum of Natural Curiosity

  • Hill Aerospace Museum

  • Hogle Zoo

  • Gateway Discovery Museum

  • Classic Fun Center

  • Loveland Aquarium

  • Museum of Ancient Life

  • Art Galleries


  • Text team phone when you have arrived. We will meet you at the base if the stairs for your child to walk up.

  • We will continue following CDC guidelines and wear masks inside the studio. 

  • Outdoor play: Kids will not wear masks. We avoid crowded areas.

  • Only Art First team and children in studio. No other adults/children in studio.

  • Face mask must be worn at Drop Off & Pick Up by all, children and adults.

  • Pick Up, you may give us a heads up when your are 15 minutes away to start getting your child ready



  • Label “After School Snacks”

  • Water Bottle is necessary to keep children hydrated. Please keep a bottle at the studio or bring one daily. 

  • Mask, (emergency mask in backpack)

  • Homework: Students are to bring homework and reading assignments. Please have open communication with Art First team about homework. Our goal is for children to do their homework at the studio. When children go home at 5:30, it is family time

Health Guidelines:

  • Arte Primero Studio is NOT a peanut-free facility

  • CDC Guidelines are followed. Please refer to our Covid Policies & Procedures. 


Tuition Schedule:

The tuition listed below applies to the Arte Primero 2020-2021 school year.

  • Tuition is due 1st of the Month

  • After School Registration fee, $50 per student, due upon enrollment.

  • Covid fee, $50 per student, due upon enrollment

  • Art Fee, $99: art supplies & instruction included for entire school year. (Colored PencilsDrawing Pencils, Eraser, sharpener, blender, drawing paperPastels, card stockAcrylic Paint, brushes, paletteWatercolors, watercolor paperChalk, marble paperPolymer clay, toolsPhotography projects.)

  • Our after-school tuition schedule is an annual tuition rate divided into a fixed monthly rate based on the program you would like your child to attend and is paid over the 9 months of school (September – May)   

  • Tuition is due on the first of the month, payable by check or online. Monthly attendance requires pre-registration with payment. Credit of missed days will not be applied and there is a no refund policy. Registration and covid and art fees, as well as tuition are non-refundable.

  • Those who submit tuition payments after the 5th of each month will be charged a $25 late fee.

  • Families who commit to full week registration will be given priority


Full-Day Camp:

$55 per day, 8:00-5:30


After-School Program: 

Monday-Thursday: $18 per day, 2:30-5:30

Friday: $23 per day, 12:30-5:30

OR $95 per week

Studio Closed on Holidays:

Labor Day: September 6 

Thanksgiving: November 25 & 26

Christmas Eve: December 24

New Years Eve: December 31

Martin Luther King: January 17

Presidents Day: February 21

Memorial Day: May 30

Open: All Non-Students Days. Including but not limited to:

September 24

October 14, 15

November 24

December 20-23, 27-30

March 4

March 28-April 1 Spring Break 

June 3, Last Day of School

June 4, First Day of Summer Camp! 

Thank you for your patience as we all do our best to adjust to a new school year as we await to see what the Salt Lake City School District will decide regarding Covid regulations.  As always, our goal is to support our families and provide a high-quality environment for Art First children, where they have a safe place for learning, fun, engagement, and of course art and creativity! 


 Tuition is due on the first of the month, payable by check or online. Monthly attendance requires pre-registration with payment.  Credit of missed days will not be applied and there is a no refund policy. Registration and covid and art fees, as well as tuition are non-refundable.


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